Why is WCTS unique?

There is more than ever counselling available for those with mild to moderate mental health problems – Improving Access to Psychological Therapies.    However access to support and help for those with complex difficulties or higher mental health needs is extremely limited and NHS services only offer a maximum 20 weeks of therapy. This may not be long enough to support women into recovery. Plus women and girls are unable to be assured a female therapist or a women only space and there is rarely support with wider needs which may be factors in mental health such as housing or benefits. WCTS offers up to 40 weeks (and 80 weeks for women with learning disabilities) counselling and wider support to access other services.

Why a women and girls-only service?

Women’s Mental Health: Into The Mainstream’ from the Department of Health noted that: ‘Gender is a key issue that influences an individual’s experience of the world and therefore gender issues should be incorporated into research, service planning, delivery and evaluation.’ : ‘Reasons for women-only developments include:

  • The expressed preferences of women to ensure choice is available.
  • Specific gender, cultural or religious needs.
  • A safe environment has particular relevance for specific groups, such as those with experience of sexual violence.

WCTS service users continue to talk clearly about the need for a women only service. Saying having female therapists enables them to talk more freely, feel understood, and recover and develop their self respect and confidence. They say it is less intimidating than speaking to a man, it is easier to be oneself and to be self-critical and the power balance feels easier to manage.

      “Nothing is taboo”  “Women understand women”    “I wouldn’t want a male counsellor”

Why free or low-cost?

WCTS’s service is aimed at women on low income. Leeds in Mind 2017 mental health needs assessment highlights that

  • Poverty has an important impact on the prevalence of mental health.
  • Those living in the poorer areas of Leeds are more likely to experience mental health problems.
  • Women are more likely to be experiencing poverty and employment rates for women are significantly below average in Leeds.

Paying for counselling is not possible for the majority of Leeds’ women and girls.

Privacy and social media?

Our priority is the privacy and security of our service users. Our Privacy Policy sets out how we handle personal information overall. In relation to social media, any post containing personal information or causing potential risks for others will be removed.

We are members of the LGBT Consortium and welcome LGBT clients

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