Our approach

We offer individual and group counselling and psychotherapy.

The aim of the service is to find new and better ways of dealing with difficult experiences through the process of talking about and exploring feelings and thoughts. It is based on the understanding that relationships are key to development and our ability to respond to change, problems and challenges in our lives.

Therapy aims to offer you a safe relationship and a reliable, regular time for you to explore your thoughts and feelings. The therapist will not tell you what to do but will help you understand and know yourself better. This makes it very different from talking to a friend or advice worker.

Counselling and therapy can be upsetting. Getting to know yourself can be alarming at times. However, therapy can help you make changes in your life and to come to terms with those things that cannot be changed.

We recognise that factors such as gender, race, class,disability and sexual orientation shape life experiences and we take account of this in our work.

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