Service access / referral Criteria

Unfortunately our service is currently closed to referrals.

Please keep checking the front page of our website and when referrals are open again you will be able to make an online referral.

For reference, you can read our service criteria below.

We are currently unable to accept referrals from:

  • Women who pose a high risk of violence to others
  • Women who have had an acute admission for over 24hrs as a mental health inpatient in the last six months
  • Women who are currently under the care of a Community Mental Health Team
  • Women who suffer a severe eating disorder
  • Women whose primary difficulty is with substance misuse, and who are currently using substances regularly
  • Women experiencing an acute episode of severe mental illness (psychosis, bi-polar, severe depression, severe obsessive compulsive disorder)
  • Women who regularly and severely self-harm where there is a high usage of mental health crisis services and emergency services
  • Women who are actively suicidal and those who have tried to end their life in the last six weeks

Also we don’t take referrals from:

  • Women who are currently seeing another therapist
  • Women who can afford private therapy

“It’s not that we think that women with these complex issues cannot benefit from counselling but that as a small organisation we have to take into account our capacity. Over recent years, probably due to the closure of other services and increasing demands on the NHS the proportion of women we work with facing complex mental health difficult and challenging social issues has risen and we are trying to ensure that we continue to work safely with the additional pressure. We are actively fundraising to secure resources to help more women”  Chief Executive, WCTS.
Please do contact us on 0113 245 5725 if you have any queries about our access criteria

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