Counselling and Therapy

Individual therapy

Individual therapy will give you the chance to talk privately to one of our experienced psychotherapists. You can talk about anything at all, including yourself and people close to you. All our therapists are women, and you can tell them about your experiences, feelings and fears, including any intimate or traumatic ones you’ve never talked about with anyone else.

Your therapist will help you to understand how past events and relationships might be affecting how you think, feel and behave today.  They will also help you to help yourself, giving you the confidence and self-awareness to break habits that are damaging your mental and emotional health, or holding you back in your everyday life and relationships.  

Our individual therapy can help you deal with things like:

To help you build an intimate and trusting relationship, you’ll see the same therapist for every session, and they’ll meet with you for 50 minutes at the same time and place each week.  This gives you a regular and reliable opportunity to have their support.

Art therapy

If you find it difficult to talk freely about your experiences, feelings or trauma, don’t worry; we have experienced Art Therapists who can help you express yourself in ways that suits you.

Art therapy can be done individually with clients or in a group setting, and uses art materials to help you explore emotional issues that you might find confusing, distressing or hard to put into words. The materials act as a less threatening way to communicate feelings and manage distress.  Don’t worry; you don’t need to have any experience or skill in art to find art therapy helpful. 

Group therapy

In Group Therapy, you can share and discuss your feelings and difficulties in small, safe groups. These groups include other women who have come to us for help, and sessions are led by an experienced group therapist who will encourage and support you. Group therapy can be particularly helpful for thinking about your past and current feelings, and how they might affect your relationships with other people now. When you first get in touch with us, together we’ll decide if group therapy can help you, and which kind of group to join.

Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR)

Sometimes, when a person experiences a distressing event the memory gets stuck and the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that were felt in the past feel just as real now as they did back then. If they stay this way this can cause other mental health issues like anxiety or depression. When you have EMDR, your therapist will help you process the old memories in a safe and non-judgemental way. By doing this the trauma that was stuck is processed and eventually the feelings, thoughts, sensations or memories from the past lose their intensity and become less upsetting. Although EMDR may sound strange, there is a lot of research that shows how effective it can be with  a variety of issues, including PTSD symptoms, anxiety, phobias and depression.

Our approach   

“This has been incredibly helpful experience for me. I got further than I thought I would, it helps me daily in dealing with ongoing challenges.” 

 “It has helped me to put things in perspective and move on from destructive behaviour patterns.” 

“I feel counselling and my therapist has been a life line literally.” 

“I have accessed counselling before, but my experience here has been the best and most effective.” 

“Helped me to bring trust into my life. Counselling was something really, really helpful for me.” 

 “This has helped me so much. I’m leaving a much happier person.”