Specialised Counselling

Sexual Violence Service

We recognise that unfortunately many women experience sexual violence at some point in their lives. We have government funding to support women who have had this experience.

One to one support focuses on the impacts and consequences of your experience which may include sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, childhood sexual exploitation, rape, unwanted touching, sexual harassment or revenge porn. The type of issues we work with include:

We accept both self-referrals and referrals from other services for individual counselling.

Peri-natal Service

Our pregnancy and new mums service is for women who are pregnant, or who have been pregnant in the past year, as well as for women who have, or care for a baby / child under one year old.

We are part of the Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service. Click here for more information.

One to one support focuses on helping women to stabilise and manage their emotional and mental well-being during what can be a life changing time, and to help women bond with their babies. The types of issues we work with are:

We accept both self-referrals and referrals from other services for individual counselling.

16-17 year old Service

We recognise that young women who have experienced or are experiencing mental health issues and trauma are at a particularly vulnerable and formative stage in life, so we have a service dedicated to working with girls and young women aged 16-17. We provide individual counselling at our city centre venue and in partnership with Leeds City College.

We aim to help girls and young women with mental health problems to better manage difficult feelings, improve relationships and increase their belief in their own self-worth.

We accept self and professional referrals into this service.

Casework Service for pregnancy, new mums or sexual violence

Our Caseworkers can help women with problems such as a housing crisis or financial concerns and provide additional support in between sessions or while awaiting counselling. Casework is offered both before and alongside counselling, however the women must be aiming to access counselling at some point. Please see here for more information.