Visible Project

Visit the Visible website where you can find essential information, contacts and online resources for helping survivors of childhood sexual abuse and supporting the people who work with – or employ – them.

Visible is a unique and pioneering project that helps survivors of childhood sexual abuse in Leeds and beyond.  The project works with survivors themselves, organisations that work with survivors, and any organisation or business that wants to take better care of survivors who work for them.  

NEWS: Visible Project is currently looking for a Director. Closing date 15 April. For more information visit the How to get involved page here

If you’re a survivor

If you suffered childhood sexual abuse yourself, no matter how long ago, Visible can help you in a wide range of ways.

If you work with survivors

Visible helps improve the response of organisations to adults who experienced child sexual abuse. We also support statutory and voluntary bodies by helping develop effective policies and practices.

If you’re an employer

A key part of your HR function, Visible can help your organisation or business take better care of any staff who’ve survived childhood sexual abuse.