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Please read the service descriptions below to see which is suitable for you. If you have any questions about which service you are eligible for, you can call our office on 0113 245 5725.

PLEASE NOTE: we open and close our waiting list frequently to ensure women don’t have to wait too long for support.

One to One Counselling

Group Therapy

See here for full details about the different long-term groups we offer

Please note: Previous experience of individual or group therapy is needed to be accepted into long term groups.


Casework is usually short-term work for women who need additional support to access counselling. We continue to provide up to 12 weeks casework support within both our peri-natal and general services, which can be offered before or during therapy. For more information regarding casework, see here. Please note this is NOT therapy.

If you have difficulties completing our online form please ring us on: 0113 245 5725 and we will complete with you.

What to expect next:

Our waiting lists vary in length so the wait time will depend on the service you are accessing. You will receive a referral acknowledgement, letting you know which waiting list you are on.

We will contact you as soon as possible to complete an initial referral call to discuss your referral and confirm if we are a suitable service for you at this time. You will then be booked in for an initial appointment or ‘assessment’, before starting therapy.

We will always try to contact you multiple times, so once you have submitted a request for service, so please keep an eye out for missed calls, texts and emails. If we receive no reply, we will email or write to you to let you know we have tried to get in touch and give you 7 days to contact us before closing your request for service. It is important for you to keep us updated with the best contact details for you.

Counselling offers a particular way of talking through issues and concerns in a safe space with a trained professional Counsellor. In order for it to be effective we know that building a trusting relationship through regular attendance is very important.

From our experience we see that certain issues and experiences can disrupt the counselling relationship to such an extent that the work cannot safely continue. Some of these issues and experiences are listed below. If any of these are true for you, right now, then we believe that counselling is not the right approach for you currently. We would, instead, recommend that you contact your GP for further advice and support.

As a small service we are unable to accept requests for service if :

In terms of mental health and involvement with mental health services, we are unable to accept requests for service if :

Due to issues of safety for both clients and Counsellors, and the potential for counselling to bring up strong feelings, we are unable to offer a service if :

There are other circumstances where we are unable to accept a request for service :

We know that this is very important because we have seen how confusing it can be to talk with two counsellors at the same time; this confusion leads to both sets of counselling to be less effective and can bring stressful feelings which may be difficult to deal with

As a service we aim to offer equality of access to safe, ethical counselling to women who may not usually be able to afford this and so we manage our waiting lists by prioritising those on low incomes. However, if you are pregnant or have been pregnant in the last 12 months, or care for an infant under 1 year of age, we are open to you regardless of income

A break of at least four months is an important part of your previous counselling work ‘settling’ in you, so we would not wish to disrupt that by beginning new work too soon