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PLEASE NOTE: we open and close our waiting list to make sure women don’t wait too long for support. We are currently accepting requests for service for:


Managing Wellbeing Course 

An 8-week therapeutic course which provides a space for women who experience stress, anxiety, low mood or trauma symptoms, to explore and learn, new and different ways of managing their mental health and wellbeing. The next course will start on 17th January 2022 and is delivered online using Zoom. Participants will need a PC, laptop or tablet and an internet connection to access the course.

For more information about the Managing Wellbeing Course please click here (pdf, one page, 340kb)


Support, (up to 12 weeks), to remove barriers that prevent women from accessing counselling at WCTS 

For more information about Casework please click here

(pdf, 14 pages, 388kb)

Please do contact us on 0113 245 5725 if you have any queries about these eligibility points.

As a small service we are unable to accept requests from:

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