Meet our support staff

Tessa Denham

Tessa is our CEO at WCTS, and passionate about supporting women experiencing deprivation and trauma with specialised psychological therapies. As well as taking overall responsibility for service delivery and research here, she represents WCTS and the third sector on the Leeds Strategic Mental Health Partnership Board. She’s also the third sector advocate for sexual violence services to the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner. Tessa’s day-to-day role involves working with staff and service users, partners, funders and our Board of Trustees to promote the mental health recovery and wellbeing of the women and girls we work with.

Georgia Emblen

Georgia has worked in our admin team since May 2016, helping to ensure its smooth functioning. This team is the first point of contact for anyone getting in touch with WCTS, and it also supports the whole organisation, from answering the phone, ordering supplies and processing invoices right through to website maintenance or even changing lightbulbs! Georgia also helps prepare reports for the management team to send to our funders and trustees. She loves this variety and also welcoming women to the service, and she enjoys training and inducting staff on our computer systems, as well as making sure data is collected and processed accurately.

Kathy Engler

Kathy is one of the Service Mangers at WCTS and provides management support to counsellors and caseworkers ensuring service delivery is efficient and effective. Kathy has extensive experience in developing, managing and evaluating services within the third sector and is passionate about offering services that meet the needs of women who have experienced disadvantage and trauma within their lives. Kathy has expertise in peer support and use of lived experience and groupwork. She is a qualified Group Practitioner (Institute of Group Analysis).

Angela Higgins

As our Operations Manager, Angela works closely with the CEO, COO and Service Managers, overseeing the daily operational functions of the organisation. Her everyday duties might include managing admin and finance support services, supporting the Board of Trustees, operational compliance, organisational health and safety or risk monitoring and mitigation, and premises management. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Angela has spent a lot of time making sure that our staff are equipped to work from home smoothly and effectively. Together with the rest of the admin team, she’s also responsible for implementing WCTS’ plan for returning to work in a Covid-19 secure workplace.

Monika Hodgson

Monika is a member of our admin team and performs vital reception duties. She creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone, answering phone and email enquiries and helping with all kinds of administration and office maintenance. She also helps to manage our social media channels, posting helpful and interesting resources on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Mags Shevlin

Mags is one of our Service Managers, responsible for the Perinatal and Outreach services. She manages the therapists and ensures the services run smoothly. She has extensive experience as a manager in the third sector, working in marginalised communities and with people who often find services difficult to access. Mags is also training as a psychotherapist and is passionate about creating wider access to counselling and therapy for women who cannot afford to pay for services.

Board of Trustees

As a charity registered with the Charity Commission, we are led by a voluntary Board of 10 Trustees chaired by Liane Langdon. The Board is currently looking for women with expertise in marketing, charity law or counselling to join. If you are interested in applying, please email Liane at