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Every year, our work touches the lives of women and their families in every part of Leeds.

When women recover through therapy with us, this has a cascading effect on every area of their lives including their parenting, relationships, social life, work life and ability to cope from day-to-day.

Our long-term feedback from clients tells us that therapy helps the vulnerable and marginalised women that we work with get better and stay better for longer. Joanna* is just one example:

Joanna came for less than 10 sessions of individual therapy at which time she had major difficulties and was twice as likely as someone with ‘normal’ mental health to harm herself or others .

After therapy all areas had improved and her risk measures were negligible.
“I have returned to work after a long period out of work and my confidence has grown enormously since feeling able to do that.”

*Name changed for confidentiality

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