Jill Davice Bird

I can help with emotional distress and psychological difficulties caused by loss, trauma, and intergenerational family problems.  I offer long-term weekly therapy groups for adults who would like to work in this way. I’m a qualified Group Work Practitioner and am on a Qualifying Course in Group Analytic Psychotherapy. 

I have found that therapy in a group provides a nurturing environment within which it becomes possible to recover from traumatic experiences and also to participate in the therapy of other group members. Therapy comes from being able to put difficult feelings and thoughts into words, and as group members learn to be themselves with others. This type of therapy is often a very effective way to approach a variety of problems and life situations. These include anxiety, depression, interpersonal difficulties, low self-esteem, and psychosomatic conditions. Group analysis is also concerned with uncovering the undeveloped aspirations and creativity of group members.